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A Bee In the Garden

Fabric Basket - Lemon

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These are reversible and make for chic storage for your homes...use them for holding knick-knacks, on TV hutch, study, kitchen, crafts corner or toy storage. Also makes for great planter covers for indoor plants.

Fabrics used:

Fruit print cotton with natural colour burlap on reverse.

Colour-tested fabrics have been used.

Made from all-natural fibers..

Colours:   Offwhite, sunshine yellow, green, jute colour.

Size :   Mentioned as Diameter x Height for each variant.


When not in use, fold and store away. If the baskets are deformed after a wash or after being folded up for a while, open them up fill them with spare clothes/paper overnight and they will be good to go again.

Wash care:

Machine wash with mild detergent with like colours, can be handwashed,

When using as an indoor planter, use a waterproof container inside and then place the planter in it. Do not overwater (it's best to take the pot out for watering). Do not keep in a part of the house which receives direct sunlight, over time the fabric will fade due to over-exposure to light.