Sewing space

A Slow Start to the New Year.

When I wound up this past year's Christmas sewing I had planned to get back to work by mid-Jan, but of-course things do not always go as we plan!

Covid paid us a surprise visit right at the start of year and I ended up spending all of January indoors  sipping many many cups of tea and coffee (i think that was the story of a lot of us in Bangalore).



Did very little sewing , but  I managed to finish a few products for the shop before the month ended - that too in a fabric I really love. It was an instant pick and I got a good 5 metres, which is all that was left in the store.


So I made  a Maker's Basket and a Needle Book with this bee fabric, paired it with a mustard yellow solid cotton and I love how it has turned out. They are listed in the shop for February preorders; along with a few other designs, you can view them all under my hobby store .... Hope you like them too..

Until next time

- Soumya

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