About Us

A Bee in the Garden was started in 2019 by Soumya Thomas. Its a hobby turned business, born out of her love for fabric, sewing, and crafts; and most of all, for the love of creating with her own hands. A penchant for creating pretty and useful things for her own home & family; slowly evolved into a product line that was both aesthetic and functional. Her products have since then found close to a thousand customer homes across India and the world.

What started out as a one-woman show is now a small team of sewists and crafters based in Bengaluru, India.

Her products are made with the belief that slow and handmade products have a life and lustre like no other. All of her products are made in limited numbers, one piece at a time. She and her team take great pride in using old-fashioned craft forms to create products that suit the modern day lifestyle.