Looking forward to a happening month.

Looking forward to a happening month.

All of my Jan and Feb plans had to be re-aligned this year . But finally I am happy to be up to speed with shop updates... Everything I wanted to make these past two months along with some new products which were planned for March are all underway and some have already made it to the shop...

The un-paper towels have got a little facelift and the first batch was added to the shop this week, so happy with the amazing response I got . From the when I started making un-paper towels, the focus was to provide a re-usable alternative to paper towels; for Indian kitchens. Why I say Indian kitchens is because even in an urban setting Indian kitchens are very real !!  We use a lot of masala , turmeric is a staple and we tend to cook almost everything from scratch - all of this means more mess and more staining.

Which is why I love this very busy, farm-house style cotton we use for the display side and waffle cotton (a more sustainable cousin of the traditional towels) for the functional side of these wipe towels.

In the new version of the unpaper towels we offer a set along with a wall hanging basket/koodai so you can easily store them without taking up much space... and even renters can find an easy spot to hang them without using a nail and hammer.


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