Coffee and cupcakes!

Coffee and cupcakes!

Spring colour fabrics - the soft florals, checks and stripes are my favourite to work with . And every new year I am super excited to bring out my pastel fabric stash and start sewing. This year I am so low on stock with fabrics in general - it has been hard enough that going to my local market shops is impossible owing to Covid. To top that, the kind of fabrics I used to love seems to be hard to find in the markets now... 

 Long story short, I am just getting started with spring-summer sewing. But the good part is since I am in India, pastels run almost round the year and I can keep sewing with them up until we hit Christmas.

This past week I have been working on some mugrugs - because they seem like a good thing to make with the smaller fabric pieces from my stash . Also, they have been on my to-sew list for a long time and I am happy I have two good designs which will soon be listed on the shop.. sharing a little sneak peek.



One of the cupcakes was claimed by my little girl as soon as it was made - she surely loved the whole idea and picked the smallest one of the lot saying it looked like her! (size differences though minor, are an inevitable part of handmade pieces, in every batch I made there is some amount of variation that happens).

I had planned to add a button-cherry atop each piece but later decided against it, I felt it comes in the way while using these rugs. 

Hope you do like the new additions and if you are a crafter/maker/DIY-er hope you have been crafting to your heart's content.


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